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By Steve Astle, Sep 2 2014 07:08AM

Following the success of last weeks 20 coaching business tips, this week Ive got 20 performance athlete tips that Ive picked up along the way, feel free to add any of your own in the comments section.

1. Be creative, have fun.

2. Find out what the player wants and aim to meet their needs.

3. Get the player to take ownership ie. keep stats, record lesson notes, post round analysis, weekly practice planning.

4. Have a clear personalised strategy for how to help improve your clients results

5. Check and challenge them regularly, encourage them to do the same to you.

6. Watch them compete, Golf and Golf Swing are different games

7. Understand where coaching technology fits, You cant use them on the course so ensure players aren't too dependent. Beware of constant error detection dont overlook reinforcement.

8. Recognise the difference between teaching and coaching. A coach is a vehicle that helps somebody on a journey from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

9. Ensure you recognise its your clients who are struggling that need you the most, egos will follow success.

10. Try to build a team around players. 3 brains are better than one just ensure the communication doesnt conflict. 1+ 1 =3 Synergy. (Covey)

11. There is some fantastic coaching "language" out there. Ensure you use the right language in the right "country" its no good being fluent if nobody understands you.

12. Vice versa dont be overawed by coaches that speak other languages use it as an opportunity to learn something new. But if you dont understand..ask!

13. During practice try to create struggle and frustration, this is where learning takes place. The Ugly Zone (Alred) Coach players through this.

14. Players/ Clients will leave you, often looking for something fresh. Don't take it personally, dont burn your bridges. Genuinely wish them success and look at what you could do better. Its about them!

15. Strive to be better at just being you, have a passion and love for yourself helping others.

16. Know what your non negotiables are be fueled by curiosity (redman)

17. You dont have to have all the answers.

18. Be consistent with your delivery.

19. Take pride in your environment, make it an inspiring learning environment.

20. Work to Live, dont live to work.

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