When: 1st March 2019

Where: Derby


Do you want to...


Attract more clients?

Spend more time with your family?

Get more financial return on each client that comes through your business?

Improve retention levels so that you have long term clients getting great results?

If you answered Yes to any of the above,then this workshop is your next step.


Main outcomes:


Attendees will leave with a clear strategy of-


1. Where they want to take their coaching business. How to attract new clients through several areas including marketing strategies and improved use of social media and database development .


2. How to further develop relationships with current clients, including my main principles around the dating game and developing long term coaching programmes


3. How to develop their coaching sessions to ensure clients meet their goals, have a clear plan in place, and have a world class experience.


-The morning session will look at a general overview of how to attract more clients to your diary and why telling your story is important. We'll look at The secrets behind marketing and how to use twitter, facebook, instagram and advertising on social media to good effect.


We will look at what role your website plays and the analytics behind it to measure succesful marketing campaigns. The power of an online booking system and keeping in touch with peoples needs. We will also discuss discounting vs adding value and ways this can be done. Find out what your USP is and how it fits into your long term coaching strategy.


-In the afternoon session we will look at some case studies of how Pros have taken my marketing concepts and turned them into five figure sums with just 2 emails, but most importantly developing relationships and getting results.  We shall also look at the value of long term programmes, client training spaces and how to manage your new busy schedule.  We'll also have plenty of time to discuss and answer some of your own questions


Cost of this workshop is £100.  Bring lots of enthusiasm and prepare to challenge yourself.  This workshop will pay for itself, guaranteed!! If you dont take anything practical away that you can apply to your business to bring in more income then money back!


Contact me on steve@emga.co.uk to reserve your place and for payment details


25 CPD points available.








Steve Astle Golf Consultancy

One Day Workshop, 9.30am to 4pm

"Steve has really helped my train of thoughts with my coaching business. I was kind of all over the place with no focus. With Steve’s superb mentorship, I now have focus and results are showing through.


I have doubled my winter income and I am doing the sort of coaching I enjoy. If you are looking to enjoy your coaching a little more, whilst increasing your income, Steve has the answers. Highly Recommend."


- Peter Arnott, Golf Professional, Edinburgh

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Couldnt recommend this more highly to any PGA Professional. Great day of idea sharing, good practice, and great insight into "your" business as a coach and how to develop even further. Helped our business enormously


- David Fulcher- Head PGA Professional, Edgbaston Golf Club

Just a quick thank you for an enlightening presentation today. It was great to hear of your expertise in promoting yourself and your academy plus hear views from all the other guys.

I was very pleased I attended and confirmed I do some things okay but there’s plenty of potential to do other things much better. I feel reenergised and hope I can direct my effort more efficiently in many areas.


- Adrian Fryer, Fellow of The PGA, Liverpool Golf Centre

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