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"I suppose the fact that I am prepared to travel 50 minutes for my lesson - twice a month - is testimony enough to my satisfaction with the entire experience. The reality is that the journey seems shorter each time! The level of coaching is excellent and I feel that I am getting very good value for money. I am being taught what I need to know at a pace that I can fully absorb the information and ask relevant questions. Having experienced golf coaching before I can absolutely confirm that my personal experience at EMGA and with Steve is at another, higher level and I am throughly enjoying it."


- Steve McAleavey, Great Barr GC


"Having two lessons every month and regular practise sessions has been key to meeting my first goal. Use of Edufii has been paramount to our success, now I know it's right (or wrong) even before my next lesson."


- Lee, Stoke.


   " I am thoroughly enjoying the Winter programme and believe that I'm making real progress. The regularity of the lessons allows the changes that we are making to be laid down quickly and then incorporated into the swing/ routine with the minimum disruption.  Overall great fun and well worth the investment in time, effort and money."


- Peter, Alfreton


"Really enjoying the winter program, really getting a lot out of it and definitely feel will be a significantly better and more consistent player in 2016. Im Loving getting better."


- Richard, Derby



"Before I had a lesson from Steve my handicap was 24 thanks to him it is now 9. He has helped me with every aspect of my golf game from putting to driving and I really enjoy his relaxed style to teaching "


- Paul Foster, Burton on Trent GC



"Had an amazing lesson yesterday with Steve Astle - quality teacher as teaches me the student rather than just golf theory. Excellent facility too to practice what you have been taught. My experience 11 out of 10 "


- Rosemay Whitehouse, Notts Ladies/ Kedleston Park GC



"If you are looking for a first class golf coach go to Steve Astle at East Midlands Golf Academy. He makes even the most technically difficult aspects of the golf swing appear simple by breaking the swing down into its component parts. If you are struggling with a particular aspect of your game Steve will quickly spot where the issue lies and offer a fix. Very personable coach who leaves you feeling good about your game"


- Lee Urwin, Newcastle U Lyme



"Steve is a very supportive coach. He is encouraging and takes the lesson at your pace and will concentrate on the aspect of your game that you feel needs attention. Worth driving the distance I do to be taught by Steve."


- Susan Wilding, Ashboune



"Brilliant as per usual. Cheers Steve."


-Kev Gossage



"Another fantastic lesson with Steve Astle. Other than the driving range the SAM Putt Lab is another fantastic facility offered at EMGA.

Thanks Steve - great as always."


- Elliott Coxon- PGA Professional



"I have been playing golf for about 10 years and have had a few lessons previously and if I'm honest seen little improvement from them. Steve has made all the difference to my game. I feel that as well as making changes he illustrates very clearly why he's making the changes and what difference it makes to the end result. I think the fact that I have lost 8 shots of my handicap in one year tells the story."


-Chris Fenton, Belper



"Deciding to take lessons with Steve was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my golfing career so far. He built me a solid and consistent swing which helped me gain extra yards, controlled ball flight and more importantly lower my handicap. A great coach. Highly recommended ."


-Andy Henderson, Oakmere Park


"Steve is a very patient teacher, taking on a new pupil with a history of back injuries and a loss of confidence.I left each lesson enthused by my new skills and gradually my confidence increased.He works at your pace and ability and is very supportive in all that you do"


-Susan Wilding, Ashbourne Golf Club


"Great instructor who transformed someone who was defeated mentally after one bad shot, to a positive relaxed golfer.  Since taking lessons from Steve my swing and scores have improved dramatically as well as my enjoyment of the game"


- Andrew Beckett, Brailsford Golf Club


I am only an occasional golfer, but after only two lessons with Steve I have been taking money off my friends who are regular golfers. He identified the key things that needed altering immediately, showed me the way and encouraged. I'll definately be back for further lessons, a great help.


- Carl Wardle, Nottingham


Having taking up golf in the summer of 2008 it soon became apparant that lessons were needed. A friend reccommended that I contact Steve, which I did. I arrived for my first lesson feeling nervous as I did not know what to expect, I can honestly say he put me at my ease immediatley.


Steve quickly identified areas where improvements could be made i.e. my grip and stance, having made these adjustments there has been a notable improvement in my swing. Further lessons have helped reduce my slice and thought process over which club to use. I not only find the lessons useful but they are enjoyable as Steve takes an interest in the person. I now look forward to the lessons and wioll shortly have the confidence to attempt more difficult courses


- Andrew Varney, Morley


I have to admit I was a little scepticalas to how much I would benefit from a bit of coaching. However, Steve's pragmatic approach helped me progress my game dramatically in a short space of time. With Steve's guidance I began to understand and look at the game in a completely new way. Steve's a great guy and a great coach.


 - Seb Saywood, Morley Hayes


Steve really has changed my game and shown me how to play golf properly. He is a great teacher with fantastic techniques and a great personality which is the perfect combination. As long as the student puts the time and effort in then they are going to see great results and a better handicap.


- James Platt, Ashbourne GC


 I have had a number of one to one lessons with Steve and have been really impressed with his professionalism and approach. Steve understands the technical aspects of the game and was quick to identify what I needed to focus on to achieve greater consistency. He sorted out my stance, posture and grip which gave me the basics to improve my game. However Steve is much more than a technical expert he understands some of the 'frustrations' of the game and the importance of adopting the right mind set. He has a great personal approach and has done wonders for my confidence. Steve really cares about his clients and wants them to develop and enjoy their game. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


- Paul Yorke, Derby Golf Club


Steve has taught me so much, his clear cut approach and professionalism is what makes his lessons so informative and enjoyable.  The benefits are clear to see back on the course, we all know the basics but putting them into practice is always the difficult bit, and Steve always shows howconcentration, relaxation and PRACTICE make the difference.


- Vanessa Salthouse, Pebel Leisure


Steve's teaching style has helped me develope into a better player,he not only teaches you the golf swing but also the fact that the mental side of the game is important. I do not see him as my teacher but as my Coach,since starting lessons at the end of last year i have reduced my handicap from 6.0 to 4.5 in one session,and winning 3 majors and 2 medals at my home course. Having started my lessons for the winter period i cant wait to see what will happen to my game next year. Watch out tiger here i come.


- Leon Lewis, Ashbourne Golf Club


"Great teacher, understood what I wanted to achieve and made it happen.  This winter will work on getting down to my ultimate goal of single figure handicap.  Thanks Steve - appreciate your help".


-Paul Cook, Ashbourne GC Captain 2007


 "What a difference… having struggled over a number of years through a lack of any natural ability and constant battles within my own head, my game began to come together, at least in patches. Going to Steve for a series of lessons last year really helped me onto the next stage. He was able to quickly point out some subtle changes which have made a significant difference to my game and improved my consistency, in a positive way. Lessons are also an enjoyable experience with Steve, he’s easy to get on with and enthusiastic, and he applies the technology available appropriately to help us mortals learn from the masters.”�


-Mike Weightman, Morley Hayes


I started lessons with Steve about six months ago when my game was getting gradually and to my mind inexplicably worse, I'd been as low as 8 but found myself struggling at 11. Steve not only began to address my swing and posture but also attacked my main demon which was self confidence and lack of belief. He's patient, very observant, perceptive and knowledgeable and to my mind an extremely good golfing coach and probably more importantly a friend.


 Following each lesson Steve gives me just one or at the most two things to work and practise on rather than confusing me with too many thoughts. An excellent coach who I have no intention of changing and have confidence will get my game back to where I want it to be


 -Dave Simpson, Derby Golf Club